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Pokemon is not just the iconic name of the classic Nintendo games but also implements groundbreaking Augmented Reality technology through Pokemon Go. Mixed reality experiences are slowly taking over the fashion world, and so too is Pokemon. During London Fashion Week, Pokemon Go, Gucci, and North Face collaborated to create an AR location-based experience for their customers. This phygital (physical-digital) experience would incentivize people to visit pop-up locations and stores to collect Gucci pins’. While these brands seem to be an unlikely duo, it is not the first time that Pokemon has made waves in the fashion world. In 2019, they had collaborations with both Jeremy Scott and GCDS (God Can’t Destroy Streetwear). From Pokemon to high fashion, augmented reality is bringing your living room to life.

Customer experiences merchandise in augmented reality

H&M was one of the early adopters of this technology and has used both VR (virtual reality) and AR to promote collections in the past. This week, H&M and designer Simone Rocha celebrated their collaboration with an Augmented Reality pop-up book. The book features art from painter Faye Wei Wei, and each page acts as a stage for digital performances. Using the Simone Rocha x H&M portal, users scan the QR code in the center of the page to bring the performances to life for 30 seconds. The campaign starred actors Helena Bonham-Carter, Rowan Blanchard, dancer Francesca Hayward, model Kaia Gerber, singer Kelsey Lu, and many more celebrities. Each performer was dressed in illustrious Simone Rocha bows and tulle and danced, played instruments, read, or twirled around the stage. There is even a scene where Faye Wei Wei painted model Jess Maybury.

This isn’t the first time that H&M has experimented with virtual reality. In 2018, the brand collaborated with Moschino, Magic Leap, and Warpin Media to create a virtual reality experience to transform the consumer experience. In addition to the fashion show, their 700 guests were invited to participate in the collection’s VR experience. After strapping on their headsets, guests were able to explore the immersive fashion experience where they could interact with pieces from the collection.

Woman views dress in Augmented mirror

The use of augmented reality in fashion shows has almost become a standard. Social media has made the space more inclusive, and many brands have adapted their shows for online audiences and digital platforms. Using Instagram filters to try out new shades on lipstick to see the product in your space before you get it, AR is driving sales and engagement for many brands who are quick to embrace this new technology. Innovation is the driving force of both fashion and technology, and it will be exciting to follow their journey together in the future. We will be watching closely to see who Pokemon collaborates with next.

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