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Data’d to Death.
Why Qualitative Data matters.
This is an excerpt from our Data'd to Death case study 

Modern Marketing is struggling to find a balance between its mind, data, and its soul, creativity. Both are needed in order to be successful, but many people in the space often find one guiding the other. Data can be heavy-handed when directing the creative process and can diminish the organic, human feel, that makes a campaign successful. While data can help marketers better direct their efforts, many feel almost data’d to death and that data is killing the soul of creativity. But in order to engage customers effectivity, both creativity and data need to work together and guide one another.

The disconnect between marketers and analysts starts during data collection. Gathering quantitative data can identify a subset of the target audience, but lacks the human element needed to best solve creative solutions.

Qualitative Data Matters

Using the quantitative data can help narrow down your target audience and may uncover patterns that can be used to better inform explorative questions. These questions need to be framed around the users’ frustrations, needs, experiences, and behaviors. After gathering these observations and insights, you can use these to expand upon the original customer persona to create a story arc that is more human-centric and really form a collective narrative.

The goal of collecting qualitative data is to better empathize with consumers and their problems, and ultimately to provide a creative solution that not only meets the customers’ needs but can generate positive emotions.

A well-informed narrative of users’ experiences, will help to confirm intuition and catalyze creative thinking when designing a campaign. By using data as a storytelling device, it becomes possible to bring personalization to your customers and provide a better experience that answers your customers’ needs. This type of empathy plays a crucial role in the customer experience and makes brand interactions between consumer and brand more effective and enjoyable.

Finding The Balance

Although many in the field are struggling to find a balance between creativity and data, Both are needed to ensure a successful campaign.

By using qualitative data over quantitative data, your

brand can explore further the minds and emotions of consumers.

By collecting better data, creatives can form a better narrative of their target audiences.

This will help your business generate positive emotions when consumers are interacting with your brand and overall provide a better customer experience.

By encouraging collaboration between teams, your company can better solve business goals that BENEFIT both your employees and customers.

This will help unite marketers and analysts and create more informed campaigns.

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